my why.


I once lived outside of my body due to an eating disorder. My experiences in the entertainment industry offered a cultural environment where my disordered behaviours with food and body were not only accepted but encouraged. Despite being immersed and successful in this culture, performing with the Royal Moscow Ballet by age thirteen and wearing the crown of Miss Canada before my twentieth birthday, my struggle with food and body stemmed not from these experiences but from earlier trauma.

When I finally sought treatment for an eating disorder, I found limited resources, long wait lists, and treatment practices that were not trauma informed. Therefore, I spent years in treatment without being able to fully embody my body and recover. When I found treatment that addressed the trauma harboured in my body I could be fully truthful about the abuse I had endured. 

Changing my relationship with my food meant changing the relationship I had with myself - first. Doing this meant looking at how my behaviour with food mirrored a deeper internal struggle, past pain and trauma. Trauma that taught me at a very young age that my body was not safe. My experience of healing from an eating disorder and integrating my experiences of sexual violence are why I am passionate about helping others, not only recover, but live embodied lives. 

My passion for helping others live embodied lives led me to write My Body, My Story, create Our Bodies, Our Stories a non-profit supporting survivors of sexual exploitation and is why I founded Our Bodies a smart phone app that tracks sexual assault and harassment in Canada launching in 2019.

I now live a life that is imperfect, messy, and yet still beautiful. A life that does not require using disordered eating behaviors to cope with past pain. A life that is filled with honest people, unconditional love, and slobbery kisses from my teddy bear dog Belle. I live a life filled with purpose through the privilege I have of helping others come to their bodies.

the degrees. 


Doctorate of Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Somatic Studies *

       Pacifica Graduate Institute

Master of Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Somatic Studies *

         Pacifica Graduate Institute

Master of Counselling Psychology

       Adler University

Bachelor of Arts; Honours: Major in Psychology, Minor in Women Studies

       University of Ottawa (Université d'Ottawa)

Bachelor of Arts Honours; Major in Communication, Minor in Psychology

       University of Ottawa (Université d'Ottawa)

continuing education.




Eat. Breathe. Thrive.

Los Angeles, United States of America

Eat. Breathe. Thrive.

Vancouver, Canada

Off the Mat Into the World with Seane Corn

San Jose, United States of America

Move From Love Retreat with Meghan Currie

      Ubud, Indonesia

Reike Level One & Two with Dany Lyne

     Toronto, Canada

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teaching Training

       Rama Lotus Yoga Center; Ottawa, Canada

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teaching Training

       Meghan Campbell; Ottawa, Canada

200 Hour Forrest Yoga Teaching Training

       Ana Forrest; London, United Kingdom

Advanced Forest Yoga Teacher Training

      Ana Forrest; New Haven, United States of America



When The Past Is Present

Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center, United States

Speech In Difficult Situations

Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center, United States

Retreat with Nikki Mirghafori

North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

British Columbia Insight Meditation Society

Residential Retreat *

British Columbia Insight Meditation Society

Spring Insight Meditation Retreat

Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center, United States

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Moment Meditation, Vancouver, Canada

200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

The Meditation Lab, Vancouver, Canada

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Center for Mindfulness Canada

Heart Of Awareness

Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center, United States

Embodying Wisdom *

Insight Meditation Society

Mindfulness for Everyone

Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center, United States

let’s practice transparency.

  • The * marks how I am still growing by being enrolled or participating in further education.

  • The University of Ottawa (Université d'Ottawa) is a fully bilingual university. I am not bilingual.

    If you are desiring to work with a bilingual therapist please use the provided link.