restaurant outings.

an opportunity to challenge your relationship with food in the community facilitated in a safe and supportive way. as life constantly confronts us with the need to eat at restaurants, other people’s homes, and eating food prepared by others restaurant outings provide the practice to move safely through these common life experiences later.


supervised meals.

public: bring your own food and be hosted. you will eat alongside others who are also on a journey to change their relationship with food. the environment is safe supportive and setup for you to succeed. 

private: if you don't feel comfortable eating in a group yet; it will be you, me and food. i will support you in the moment with any feelings that are triggered during mealtime. 


food shopping tours.

the grocery store can be a huge place of overwhelm but it does not have to be. together we will face triggers and work to integrate grocery stories back into your normal routine.


i do not provide meal planning or a full medical assessment as a registered holistic nutritionist would. i have chosen not to become a registered or certified holistic nutritionist. repeat i am not a nutritionist and have not completed the training required to become one. this is because my focus is on the why you are or are not eating instead of the what you are eating. 

if you are looking for a holistic nutritionist to focus on the what you are eating and to create a meal plan with i have several recommendations for eating disorder informed registered holistic nutritionists.