“You would think that as a clinically trained therapist, someone who hears about the intimate details of other people’s lives for a living and as the founder of a nonprofit that supports survivors of sexual exploitation, I would be able to pick up the signs of an abusive relationship. That all of my years of training and listening to stories of abuse would have equipped me with the skills to walk away.

However, walking away isn’t possible when we find ourselves in a relationship where trauma bonding has occurred because of the brain chemistry involved…”

“I have never met a man who hurt a woman who wasn’t hurting first. But how each gender hurts is different, unique, and socially constructed. Women internalize. Men externalize. But the pain is the same. Men know the same gut-wrenching travesty of being traumatized, they know heartbreak, they know sorrow, and they know how to stuff sh*t down…”

“During the recovery process many of us question the wellness of everyone around us; especially those we have trusted our wellness too.

Not believing in the person you have entrusted your health to makes the entire recovery process more conflicted, confusing, and convoluted. But if we can confront this tendency, powerful healing can occur. It offers us the opportunity to explore into our truth.

Because the phenomena of picking our therapist because they have a body we want, our continuing to work with our therapist because they think our body looks ‘recovered’, staying with a therapist because they think yoga was a great way to find “zen” (when we’re really going for the burn) is important. It’s deep-seeded stuff that deserves to be talked about…”

“Two and half million people have read the words my abuser said before molesting me. Two and half million people have read the words my date rapist said after he finished.

But 2.5 million people have not read the words that reveal why I choose to be photographed or speak up. And 2.5 million people have not read the words that reveal how survivors of violence, sexual assault and trauma become alchemists — transmuting pain into power…”

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