rebel living

real wellness requires real rebellion.

an eight week course designed to support you rebel against the noises of diet culture, body politics, fat phobia and disordered eating. a course to inspire rebellious living through community, consistency, support and education.

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rebel living elevated + tlc program.

an online eight week program designed to inspire your rebellion. this course includes weekly individual sessions, weekly group sessions, exercises, worksheets, and yoga and meditation audios. you will receive daily emails that provide information specific to each weeks theme, have access to the recovery record app. and the option to email me directly to access my expertise and support.

what make this course so special is that it offers you real support while you confront diet culture; realtime support during mealtime. throughout the eight weeks you can schedule sixteen twenty minute eat and chat sessions.

i want you to feel supported while you learn to rebel. therefore you will have unlimited access to private moderated chat groups. a place for you to connect with rebels - just like you.


ailey jolie

Ailey is a Master’s level clinician with ongoing Professional Training in Eating and Weight Disorders from UC Berkeley. She is completing a second Master's Degree in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Somatic Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She holds two Honours Bachelor Degrees in the fields of Women’s Studies, Communication and Psychology from the University of Ottawa (Université d'Ottawa). She is a member with the Academy of Eating Disorders and Eating Disorder Hope an affiliate of the National Eating Disorder Association.

Most importantly though, she once lived with an eating disorder and has fully recovered. She knows the recovery process not only from an educational and professional lens but from a personal place. Her zest for rebelling against diet culture, body politics, fat shaming and disordered eating stems from her rebellious recovery.


eight weeks…

eight anti-weight loss modules.


rebel today.

begin your rebellion by selecting one of the two payment options.


what you get.


SIXTEEN - twenty minute eat & chats

  • support when you need it most. while you eat.

  • an opportunity to change your relationship with food in real time.

  • have me not the voices of diet culture at the table with you.

EIGHT - sixty minute individual sessions

  • one-on-one, private session with ME online.

  • we will review your week, discuss your challenges, and set goals.

  • a time for you to be supported during your rebellion.

EIGHT - ninety minute group sessions

  • a ninety minute online group coaching session with ailey jolie.

  • themed discussion around the material you received earlier in the week.

  • group goal setting for the upcoming week.

  • global connection and community development

  • question and answer time.

EIGHT - yoga or meditation audios

  • “a meditation to munch with at lunch” (15 minutes)

  • “rest & digest yin yoga class” (45 minutes)

  • and others…

DAILY - rebellious emails

  • themed and tailored to the content of each week

  • recovery focused exercises.

  • additional resources.

  • continuous support.

UNLIMITED - email support

  • specific and personal feedback.

  • question and answer.

UNLIMITED - recovery record app. support

  • track and monitor your emotions, feelings, patterns with food.

  • receive feedback from me.

  • increase transparency regarding food patterns.

  • this service is only available to registered clinicians. i am not your clinical therapist but that doesn’t mean my years of training and degrees won’t benefit you.

UNLIMITED - online community

  • sixteen week online portal for you to connect with others from your recovery cohort.

  • monitored chat facilities for you to chat with other group members.

  • private facebook and instagram account for you to view live stories.

  • global connection and community development.

  • practice interpersonal skills in a safe space.

  • have access to the entire rebel recovery community after the completion of the program.

are ready too...

- challenge the voices that lead to dieting, restricting, overeating, overexercising, binging, purging and disordered eating.

- learn to listen to your body to tell you what, when, and how much to eat

- discern physical hunger from emotional hunger and habit

- find healthier ways to deal with difficult emotions, boredom and stress without eating, restricting or overexercising

- accept that all bodies are good bodies — yes, that means yours

- learn the importance and the politics behind the body positive movement

- decipher which nutrition guidance is worth listening to and what is unhealthy dieting propaganda

- find enjoyable, non-punitive ways to get the exercise and movement your body needs

- build a healthier relationship with your food and body by learning to appreciate your body

- see “fat” and “thin” as neutral descriptors not feelings

- cultivate unconditional self compassion for yourself

- be MORE than the size of your body

- see self-care, gratitude, play, and living with purpose as the foundations of self-worth

- learn to get curious about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

- live a rebellious life

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rebel in a digital world. 

finding a practitioner who has rebelled. who has studied eating and weight disorders from a nutritional, psychologial and spiritual lens. one who understands how hard it is to say good bye to diet culture, body politics, fat phobia and disordered eating is challenging. that’s why this course exists in the digital world.

this course is held on a digital platform so you have access to informed, educated and rebellious guidance. you also have access to an entire community of people like you. people who are willing and ready to support you on your journey so that you can live that fully rebellious life.

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your questions, answered.

i don’t think i can afford this right now. what can i do?

if this is a choice between paying your rent or investing in this program, then please pay your rent. however, i do want you to know that i have payment plans to make this more affordable. this is a significant investment of not only your money (but your time) but the payout of rebelling from body hatred is worth it. i want you to rebel therefore if you would like to propose a different payment plan, please contact - let’s make this work for you.

i have an eating disorder. would this program work for me?

i do work with individuals who are living with an eating disorder in my therapy practice. if you have an active diagnosed eating disorder, i require that you sign up for the rebel recovery program elevated or the rebel recovery program elevated+TLC. there this one-on-one support in both these program. i want you to succeed, so lets set it up so you exceed just succeeding.

what qualifications does miss jolie have?

you can read about all of the qualifications i hold by reading my biography.

when does the course begin?

the next course begins 09/09/19.

when are the ninety minute group sessions? what if i miss one? can i listen later?

the group coaching sessions that are hosted at 19:00 (pst) each monday. these calls are recorded; you are not required to be present. if something comes up and you miss a week don’t worry the session will be sent to you via email on friday.

how much time will this program require?

you’ll need about an hour each week to review the concepts in each module and complete the homework. you’ll frequently receive exercises in your daily emails that relate to the weeks concepts, so set a side a few minutes each day.

each week you will need ninety minutes to participate in the group coaching sessions. these calls are recorded; you are not required to be present online. you can complete this program at your own pace. so if something comes up and you miss a week or fall behind, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

i don’t have time for this.

i know how busy life is, but when you’re ready to change then you’ll make the time to do it. nobody else can do the growth work for you. you will have lifetime access to the program content sent to you so if life happens you can do the change at a time that suits you.



"a beautiful program that helped me connect with my true self. i finally stopped dieting and found what i was looking for all along, self acceptance. if you are thinkng of joining do it, you will not regret it. regardless of if you have struggled with an eating disorder before there is something here just for you. i wish i had known earlier in life that my worth was not defined by my size." - 2018 participant

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not sure this is for you?

leave your email so we can schedule a fifteen minute consultation to chat it out.