clients work one-on-one to discover the root causes of the disordered eating patterns so that they no longer manifest these realities through food and the body. in clinical individual counselling sessions, clients establish a greater sense of self-awareness and recognize the patterns and habits that have come to shape their lives. this allows clients to reach their personal recovery goals and live without harmful habits. 

my therapeutic approach is client entered, feminist oriented, incorporates body oriented psychotherapies, evidence based trauma and eating disorder recovery procedures. 




We believe that if one family member is affected by an eating disorder then entire family is also affected by an eating disorder. Family therapy is a crucial step for healing and we provide a safe environment for sharing, honesty, and learning.


Intimate partners are often an important support system and these sessions are an opportunity to see where the eating disorder is present in the dynamics of a relationship and to provide support as the relationship changes in the recovery process.