let your heart

When it seems right or justified to escape the world with whatever way we love best, a drink, a snort, food, social media, sex....because good lord we really do deserve an escape - we do, don't we? We earned it. 

Ask your heart to invade your mind. 

There are days when I want to escape and go to the bliss ignorance has offered me in the past... when those sensations sneak up my spine, I ask my heart to invade my mind. 

My heart asks me why on earth, on this day would I want hide or run when I know in my fragile beauty that I am the only one who can evolve my being. 

My heart knows that every choice I make can either lead me closer to who I want to be or not. That I can choose to be a renegade in my generation of escape artists by choosing to be a person who really cares about myself. Cares enough to act in accordance with the ancient wisdom that feeling is how everything heals. That real living rests in feeling ferociously; embracing pain with same tenacity as pleasure. 

Let your heart remind the rest of your body that feeling something is always more rewarding then feeling nothing. 

And that through feeling, you can shift who you are. You can shift your relation to everything and that shifts your entire experience of the world. Is that not the definition of healing? You have that power. You are that powerful. 

Just ask your heart to invade your mind. Turn your brain away from habit. 

When you get stuck, you will if you are real, put your attention on what you feel, be a witness. You can bear it all. I promise. 

What is the sensation prior to the thought that tells you to escape ... ask, ask, ask, ask and ask again.... ask your heart to invade your mind and you will slowly dissolve any perceived desire to flee. 

Everything you need is within your chest, it holds what is best - let the mind rest. 

Let your heart invade your mind..

Ailey Jolie