be gone

What if… instead of passively wanting to let go of someone that has hurt our heart we took a stance and actively said - be gone.

Because being passive, soft, understanding and goooeeeyyy about how someone has mistreated us isn’t what is most kind - for them or for us. In those moment we need to refine our resilience resources and build a big fucking fences around our big open hearts.

This is not permission to close our hearts down; it is an invitation to practice discernment and the art of discernment requires knowing and honouring our power.

In an ideal world every person we encounter would be considerate, conscious, kind and live the values of ‘love thy neighbour’. But the truth is not everyone is a friendly neighbour, not everyone deserves to be invited in for lemonade, and not everyone is safe to give the grand tour of our heart too.

And when we do let one of these people into hearts perfect casa, because who hasn’t, instead of wishfully hoping to let go. Let go of the hurt. Let go of the person. Let go of the relationship. Let go whatever the hell else we need to let go of when we have been hurt… 

In those moments, we need to do the opposite. We need to grab our toolbox. We need to hold on to whatever we have because it is about to require real power. Those white picket fence steaks at times are going to be slammed into pure, sheer, hard rock. And that ain’t easy work but it is damn necessary. 

We need to build or repair that huge fence that keeps our huge heart safe.

And when we have done that, we can stand back from the position of our heart centre and proudly, confidently, and powerfully state… be gone.

Because no one enters unwelcome and no one leaves with out being asked.

How kindly you ask, that’s up to you.

Ailey Jolie