another trip

Today I started another trip around the sun.

Those closest to me know the darkness of days my past trip around the sun contained. As I look back, I no longer feel an attachment to the story of it all, but instead have a strange settled sense of comfortable acceptance for what is and is not (a skill crafted in the midnight light of those dark and dim days)... This acceptance only leads to graceful gratitude.

Gratitude for how those isolated days pushed me into community. Into real, honest and integral connection with my body, my self and with others. Gratitude for how simple healing my body became when I learned the somatic sense of real safety and the freedom that comes with expressing the impact of another’s infliction's. How these two things changed my connection to self and therefore my connection to others. How living these teachings curated my life to be full of the most divine, special, kind and full hearted beings. I only feel gratitude because of these connections.

How glorious it is to be seen, known, understood and held.
How glorious it is to know how to be seen, known, understood and held by others.

What a wonderful lesson. What a wonderful gift to learn during my last trip around the sun. Whatever dark days present during this next trip around the sun, I’m looking forward to the midnight jewel to be found among the enviable and invincible darkness.

For the brightest light is only seen in the darkest of places.
Thank you community for being and shinning light in my midnight moon slumber this year.

love aj (another year wiser).

Ailey JolieComment