i am passionate

for embodiment.

for living life fully & wholly within

the wisdom of the body.

my wish for you is that you learn how to find pleasure in your spirit's growing pains, that you become humbled by the human body's resilient capacity to heal, that you learn to know yourself intimately, act fully, make friends with messiness, be radically raw, flawed, vulnerable, imperfect and live in the wisdom of your body.


who i support. 

i support those struggling to call their body home. regardless of the reason why you feel disconnected from your body, i am here to support you and your process of coming back home to your body. my emphasis on embodiment has led me to specialize my practice to assisting womxn through trauma integration, food and body issues and pregnancy loss. all of my work is dedicated to helping you harmonize your connection between mind, body, and soul while gently uncovering the underlying roots of disconnection.

  • sexual violence

  • emotional abuse

  • verbal harassment

  • systemic oppression

  • clinical eating disorders

  • disordered eating sub-types

  • chronic dieting

  • exercise addiction

  • miscarriage

  • grief

  • infertility

  • conception challenges

ailey jolie

Ailey is a Registered Clinical Counsellor holding a Masters of Counselling Psychology. She is a candidate in Harvard Medical Schools Certificate program in Global Mental Health: Trauma Recovery. She is also enrolled in a joint Master of Arts and Doctorate in Depth Psychology with Emphasis in Somatic Studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She holds two Honours Bachelor Degrees in the fields of Women’s Studies, Communication and Psychology from the University of Ottawa (Université d'Ottawa). She is a member with the Academy of Eating Disorders and Eating Disorder Hope an affiliate of the National Eating Disorder Association. Her education and life experience lead to a specialized clinical focus on trauma integration, disordered eating, and pregnancy loss.

Jolie is the author of 'My Body, My Story' and founder of 'Our Bodies, Our Stories'. A non-profit that supports survivors of sexual exploitation and violence in Canada.


how i support you. 

i work one-on-one to help harmonize the divide between your body and mind by utilizing somatic psychotherapy, eco-feminist psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness and embodiment practices to inform my work as your clinical therapist. i walk alongside you in your journey of coming home to your body.

in addition to one-on-one clinical therapy i have an active role in the community offering seminars, events, and retreats that are all tailored on bridging the gap between mind and body.


a place for you to be heard and acknowledged.

challenge your thinking within a community.

a time for you to focus on you and you only.

come home

to your body.

book a free twenty minute phone consult or schedule a one-on-one clinical therapy session today. both your body and mind will be grateful you did.


public offerings.    

learning to live in and love my body took more than one modality.

that's why i became formally educated in what led me home to my body and offer not only private services but also public meditation and yoga classes. 

if you are are curious about fit; feel out my vibe by attending a public offering. 



publicly @ oneyoga

privately @ lululemon 



wednesday evening @ jaybird

tuesday afternoon @ hotboxyoga